Ponències per al Dia de la Llibertat del Programari 2015

Com acada any, preparem el Dia de la Llibertat del Programari per al 19 de setembre.

I com cada any, volem presentar una graella de ponències interessants relacionades amb el programari lliure. En teniu alguna preparada o us faria il·lusió preparar-ne alguna? Contacteu-me, si us plau, i en parlem.

Salut i programari lliure!

2.533 thoughts on “Ponències per al Dia de la Llibertat del Programari 2015

  1. An additional item of date would be useful: eligibility. For example one or two events advertised in IPKAT's upcoming events diary have been marketing events for various barristers' chambers and I (as a competing barrister) have been told I'm not welcome. That's fair enough – no point marketing to me after all – but I think its something that should be clearly and honestly declared, otherwise one wastes time planning around things and then much later discovers they are out of reach.

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  3. Indoor playground with inflatable jump house/slides, etc. Owners could sell pizza, hot dogs, and snack foods. It would be a great place for families to hang out. Moms and tots could have play dates during the week when big kids are in school. Book clubs, church youth groups, school clubs could all use the space for get togethers, parties, etc. High School/college kids can work there!

  4. I am not sure what the residential expectations are to be…… my street was sanded by not plowed.The neighbors worked together with various snow blowers, bobcats etc. My house is in the armpit of edmonton – 181 st and 4 ave sw – used to be part of the county of leduc, we have no pavement, no street lights, no water, no sewer and my taxes are $11k per year….. noting half goes to education….. I do not see any value here, at least we have the talus dome, it is so pretty and supported local artists right ? WTF

  5. Tiêu chí để chọn ra câu hỏi được đăng trên báo là gì hả chị? Em có 1 số câu hỏi hay rất muốn đóng góp cho chuyên mục nên em hỏi chị trước để có thể chọn lọc những câu hỏi hay chị ạ

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  7. CRICRISubiectul e super mega interesant si nu l-am vazut prea abordat pe blog-uri, site-uri…Sa zic si eu ceva:un tip pe care l-am cunoscut in tinerete:), manca paste cu paine.Spagehte cu sos, cu paine mai multa decat ar fi incaput intr-un om intr-o zi intreaga.Eram la cina si incerca sa ma cucereasca:) A fost prima si ultima oaa cand m-a vazut:)Pastrand topicul zic ca detest asa: plescaitul, ragaitul, stersul la gura cu dosul palmei,nefolosirea furculitei la masa, ci a mainii- ma scot din minti treburile asta cum nu iti poti imagina:)

  8. I thought this was standard Monday fair. I made a slow start with the a crosses but picked up speed with the downs. For me 20d was the favourite clue of the day and reminded me of one of my all time favourites “One’s got one” (10).2*/3* for meBTW I didn’t get an email notification this morning, just browsed through here because I assumed it must be up by now

  9. Jeg har prøvet lidt forskelligt nu. Og har selv testet herhjemme i explorer efter mine ændringer ser det umiddelbart ud til at være fint her igen. Men hvordan ser det ud hos dig? Jeg tror måske kun det er IE 9 der har givet problemer, er det den du bruger?

  10. Hej.Jeg er 16 bliver snart 17, jeg er 168 og vejer 55-56 kg. hvor meget vil jeg kunne tabe mig på 1-2 uger tror du?:)Tænkte på om man gerne må spise frugt, eller er det ikke med i kuren?

  11. You know, I am wiping my sweaty forehead right now, after trying to get a glimmer of the REASONING behind the last comments..Why is it that the greatest problem with analogy seems to be how IT MAKES SO MANY THINGS EQUIVALENT that at the end, foul is fair, and fair is foul ??…., and the world becomes SO CONFUSING that it is no longer possible to think straight ?

  12. Hello Jackie!!I remember when you and I were talking on twitter about getting this palette after TiffanyD did a tut on it. :)I ended up getting one too, so funny that I have a lot of the same thoughts as you. Was really hoping for a matte highlighter. I always end up going to my tarte neautraleyes palette because they have beautiful mattes as well. Anyhow, it took me a while as well to cave and get, but I am liking it alot and grabbing for on the go makeup. Great post! Talk to you soon. 🙂

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  14. ha ah..orang tua kate,..kalo kita ni,..biarlah duduk sama duduk,..berdiri sama berdiri…kalo bertandang rumah orang,.selagi tak dijemput duduk,.jangan duduk..kalo tuan rumah duduk atas lantai, kita ikot duduk atas lantai,…kalo time tu kita duduk atas kusi,.mai orang tua,..duduk atas lantai sebab takdak kusi,..kita turun dari kusi duduk sama atas lantai..cara orang lama mendidik supaya hormat menghormati….

  15. There is a theme of toleranceRunning across the pages lately…Even the West windWants what it wantsYou will take a few stands I’m sureAs I’ve noted beforeI can see You have the courageThat’s very goodBut even betterIs your sense ofAwarenessSo precious…Now I have lived long enoughTo knowThat being romanctic is not a faultIt does howeverCome with a price…

  16. year I participated in another monthly blogging challenge for May, run by Michelle Rafter. The Wordcount Blogathon 2012 commences again from today, and looks like it will be as much fun as last year. However, this year

  17. Le sigh. I miss France so bad it hurts. Paris is my favorite place on Earth. Four years ago, I moved to Bordeaux for five months. I lived in the dorms, though, which were FAR from quaint. We cooked on unreliable electric ranges every night, making do without a refrigerator or microwave. It was an adventure. I would love to move back to France and live the life you described above. I absolutely love your February in France concept! Can’t wait to see your recipes!

  18. How long does ground shipping take from “Lids” (hats) take? Or even Ground Shipping in General?I might order a new cubs hat, and I don’t want to pay much for shipping, so, how long do you think? or maybe ground shipping in general?

  19. jesus perez14 noviembre, 2012Que ilusion me ha hecho!! Ya no me lo esperaba pero ayer me mandaton un mail para confirmarme que era uno de los ganadores. Ya esta contestado. Muchas gracias!!!

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  21. Mi sorprende un po' questo post Paolo, basta vedere un paio di puntate di questo programma non per capire a che livello è (bastano pochi secondi), ma per etichettarlo mentalmente come inutile e non parlarne più. Qualche tempo fa era un simpatico argomento di discussione tra i miei amici, ma dopo un po' stanca perchè va così oltre da non essere neanche più divertente (l'indignazione si supera ben prima). Veramente, non ne vale la pena.

  22. Ha! Many thanks for the corrections . You can see why I state for the record that the descriptions come from Brown U. No doubt compiling the bibliographic details is an arduous task at the best of times.

  23. Well thank you! It kind of just came from what I’ve been learning this year. God’s really been reiterating it throughout my life lately. Hopefully soon, I have three I need to post, but I just haven’t had the time to sit and type it all out. I definitely will here shortly. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Praise God! 🙂

  24. Bonjour Jean-Marie,je viens de lire l’article sur la spiruline sur consoglob.Je suis très très intéressée par cette algue. Pouvez-vous me conseiller quant à la fréquence prendre de la spiruline ?Par cure ? toute l’année ? Je vais commencer une cure de « Goji » en février. Savez-vous si je peux cumuler avec la spiruline.Vous avez l’air de bien connaître ce produit. Merci pour Votre réponse. Anne

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  28. Hilarious, no Liberal since Pearson has resonated in the west. Ralph Goodale for leader!!!Oh. He doesn’t speak French? Oh. Well I’m sure someone in this Party can win seats in Alberta and Sask. I haven’t met that person, but sounds like you might know somebody.

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