Ponències per la propera festa ubuntaire

El 12 de novembre celebrarem la festa de llançament de la nova versió d’Ubuntu, la 11.10 a El Puntet de Lloret de Mar.
Al wiki de l’esdeveniment hi ha el programa provisional. Si creieu que podeu tenir alguna cosa a presentar, us hi podeu apuntar al wiki
mateix o enviar-me un correu.


El termini per presentar les ponències és fins el 8 d’octubre.

Ens hi veiem!

Ocelot Oníric

2.487 thoughts on “Ponències per la propera festa ubuntaire

  1. Anonyme z 3:57: To ano, ale naráží se tu na něco jiného. Kdo nechce pochopit, nepochopí. Patříte zkrátka mezi vychytralce, kteří přemýšlejí, jak vyždímat ze zákona maximum, i kdyby to bylo proti dobrým mravům a základní slušnosti.

  2. Your statement of “80% of illegal immigrants have committed serious crimes” is completely misleading. That figure is referring specifically to immigrant gangs.That’s like making a claim that a large portion of people who ride motorcycles are criminals, but the source is only referring to biker gangs.

  3. Aww thank you, I know it will take more efforts to make time with two young children but it is doable. It won’t be easy sometimes when I workout at home with my son watching and cheering and asking tons of questions I had to made sign to make him stop asking questions because I can’t even talk lol. I had quit my gym last month actually.

  4. Débora / É verdade!!!!rsrs…Eu tenho 35 anos, e assistia She-Ha…e He-Man também… É muito legal podermos nos lembrar da passagem do tempo com alegria, apesar dos problemas pelos que todos nós passamos. Vamos encarar com humor, eu particularmente me sinto muito melhor hoje!Gostei deste comentário ou não: 0

  5. Sorry, had to leave a second comment. Just spied your photo of Diane Keaton from the movie Annie Hall. LOVED that movie. Especially the thought comments that came from Woody Allen. Hilarious!Cheers,Rosemary

  6. Hej Anette! Visst är dessa kattlampor fina men tyvärr är denna lampa såld sedan länge men skulle jag ha turen att dyka på någon ny så hör jag naturligtvis av mig till dig!Hälsningar Monica

  7. goodness, darling. Rober and Todd seem to have a lock on high style that seems effortlessly comfortable. I’d let Todd add his design prowess my home any day after seeing how he added unique flourishes to Robert’s international pad. Fabulous, dear. Fabulous. Oh and who are you kidding? You’re in New York… you won’t be able to hold back on fashion infused posts! 😉

  8. link:They have done similarly weird things in the past though.Hikaru’s hair rocks.sere:Well, you can always download it.kumi:I don’t know if “amused” is the right word, but “wrong” definitely is.anonymous:I know. Shintaro seems to slowly get used to this whole business, so he doesn’t look that out of place anymore.

  9. Wonderful podcast! Yesterday I managed to listen to all the archive episodes and I’m looking forward to hearing more. I’ve never seen “Buffy” or “Angel”, but “Firefly” was enough to get me hooked on another Whedon show.

  10. Sr. Bauza, se me había olvidado algo que creo que debería leer y que nuestros antepasados lucharon para que asi fuera, ya que Pedro I el usurpador quiso, sin conseguirlo, que fuéramos una provincia de cataluña…..Alfons el Magnànim, Rei: “que el regne de Mallorca en res en lo món sia sotmès al Principat de Catalunya ne a la observància de llurs constitucions ne usatges”. Privilegi de Gaeta, 1439.

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  14. Cher IgorJe n’ai malheureusement pas les moyens de faire une enquête approfondie pour savoir si le chiffre des retombées est exact. C’est comme pour les retombées du tourisme estival et du marché de Noël, on reproduit les chiffres des professionnels du secteur sans pouvoir vraiment les vérifier. Quant aux sous à planquer en Helvétie, je ne voudrais pas me ridiculiser aux yeux des douaniers et banquiers suisses avec une minuscule valise de billets. Je te laisse entreprendre ce voyage tout seul…

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  16. Hola te pido una explicasion de un truco si me la podes dar..es de borrar y pinar cartas en la mano del gran rene lavand …trate de hacerlo peor no me sale el truco ….no importa la respuesta si me la queres dar o no..desde ya muchas grasias…

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