Fotos de la UGJ

Dissabte vam celebrar l’esdeveniment internacional Ubuntu Global Jam al campus Nord de la UPC. El David Planella ens va explicar el mecanisme de traduccions a Ubuntu i les diferències amb els projectes upstream, l’Àlex Muntada va aconseguir emetre l’esdeveniment per vídeo en streaming i tots plegat vam passar una bona estona treballant en traduccions i enviament d’errors.

Unes fotos? 🙂

Cliqueu-hi per veure’n més!

2.629 thoughts on “Fotos de la UGJ

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  18. On the whole, i agree with many of the statements here. However, I’m left with the feeling that you’re promoting people to not vote. I completely disagree with that line of thought. If Romney get’s the nod in Tampa, then the better solution is to have everyone go to the polls and vote by writing in Ron Paul (or your candidate of choice) anyway. Too much sacrifice has been made to turn our backs on our right to exercise our right to vote.

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