2.641 thoughts on “Nou disseny d’Ubuntu

  1. grande fan de stan mais il faut l'avouer, sur ce coup là (comme assez souvent d'ailleurs) stan a été en dessous de tout. lamentable! comme à RG vs DAvydenko..pas si mal joué mais juste rien essayé, passif…quelle déception! enfin on aurait dû s'y attendre…peut etre meme qu'on s'y attendait!

  2. I love, love, love Texas sage, mullein and yarrow! And, since I live in the Middle of Nowhere in the piney woods of east Texas, I am happy that these plants are deer resistant. See, Linda, there are other things that can make you crazy besides the drought!

  3. This perfectly sums up the issue with finding a good client vs finding a great client. A client who understands the slow burn are the ones who are great to work with. That doesn’t mean you can’t see some great quick wins, but it’s great to work with people who have their eyes set on the horizon.

  4. Y las perspectivas para 2013 son aún más desalentadoras según el Proyecto de Ley de PGE. La pregunta que hay que formularse es ¿qué interés tiene para el gobierno las políticas activas de empleo y los servicios públicos de empleo? saludos.

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  7. “Quella che tu chiami sovversione ha un altro nome, si chiama Storia o (vista più il alto e più in basso) Vita umana.Un reazionario è un illuso seduto su un pallone, che crede di poterlo tenere fermo per sempre.Anche senza nessuna idea di progresso, le mura di Ilio cadono e la grande città brucia, Enea fugge e fonda Roma che vendicherà Ilio solo per cadere per mano dei barbari … nulla persiste e a nulla di friabile dobbiamo legare il cuore.”Questo, naturalmente, vale anche per i valori che ti stanno a cuore….

  8. Bonds are one of the way to make investments but most of the people due to non-awareness the investors could not get the appropriate returns on their investment or profits form their investment in any of the way. Thanks for sharing such relevant information related to bonds and resolving the confusions that occur most of the times while dealing with bond investment.

  9. , use the first one at an angle to make it land on the top wooden square. On landing it will explode the wooden square and roll down the glass ones. Then blowing up it will scatter all the blocks everywhere and kill that pig! Die Die Die ! PS: 3 stars and 43560pts

  10. D’autre part, j’ai sans doute un petit côté macho qui traine mais mon pseudo ne s’y réfère pas, c’est, je crois, la phonétique de Matthieu, mon vrai prénom, celui qui m’a été donné par mes parents à ma naissance.

  11. It’s my Windows friends that question the .DS_Store files and I don’t blame them. But if my OSX needs them why should I delete them?If there was a simple way to send email attachments without the .DS_Store file I’d like to know about it.But I agree w prev. poster that the problem shouldn’t exist in the first place and that blame is on Apple’s OSX.

  12. The whole thing is so stupid. Why does the right believe in paying for quality employees only in the private sector? Government employees often control millions of dollars, even billions. You don’t want to pay for a very skilled, competent person for that? And do you want these people to be so low paid that they’re poor, disgruntled, and feeling unappreciated, and thus highly susceptible to bribes and corruption?

  13. à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ు.. à°®ీà°°ు à°ˆ à°šిà°¤్à°°ం à°—ుà°°ింà°šి పరిà°šà°¯ం ఇవ్వడం ఆనందకరం.à°¨ిà°œంà°—ా à°µాà°£ీà°¶్à°°ీ నటన à°¤ో à°ªాà°Ÿు.. à°† à°šిà°¤్à°° à°•à°¥ à°²ోà°¨ి à°…ంà°¶ాà°²ు.. à°Žంà°¤ à°²ోà°¤ైనవో.. à°…ందరు à°šాà°² à°¸ాà°®ాà°¨్à°¯ంà°—ా à°šూà°¸ే..à°¨ిà°°్లక్à°·్à°¯ంà°—ా à°šూà°¸ే à°µిà°·à°¯ాà°²ు à°…à°¨ు à°­à°µింà°šే à°µాà°°ిà°•ీ…. à°•ంà°Ÿà°•à°ª్à°°ాà°¯ాà°²ు. à°¸్à°¤్à°°ీà°² à°®ానసిà°• సమస్యలు, à°²ైంà°—ిà°• à°µేà°¦ింà°ªుà°²ుà°¨ి.. à°…à°°్à°§ం à°šేà°¸ుà°•ోà°•à°ªోà°¡ం à°‡ంà°Ÿి à°¨ుంà°¡ే.. à°ª్à°°ాà°°ంà°­ం. à°®ీà°°ు..ఉదహరింà°šిà°¨ à°•ోà°£ాà°²ు..ఆలోà°šింà°š తగినవి.

  14. This is rather despicable. Sadly yes, they are right it is commonplace in some ares (and bingo, college campuses are such places). If a thing’s being commonplace wre an argument for acquiescence we’d be in a right pickle.May I ask the obvious on the two wrongs not making a right front and assume that under the 1998 Data Protection Act permission to reproduce the portion of the e-mail in question was, indeed, sought and obtained wherever it was first reproduced by someone in the UK?

  15. ““Unelectability” as usually used is a characteristic attaching to a candidate or a party – which is considered unelectable due to some position they take or some discourse they espouse.”I think “unelectability” is precisely the right term. The reason we are unelectable is because we take a position, a discourse, to “not be Hugo Chávez.”

  16. Pardon my skepticism, but I wonder why no one makes such claims about the theory of phlogiston of by Johann Joachim Becher, or the orgone theory of Wilhelm Reich? Were oh-so-many scientists also about to publish their findings within a year or two of these erroneous thinkers, or it is only successful revolutionaries in the sciences which seem not to have really needed the man of genius who fathered them?

  17. The class I took in Paducah with Linda Hahn used EQ Printables and the idea is that you leave it in the project. No tearing… no washing. It is like having a light interfacing in your block. It worked great for me!

  18. Herlig innlegg! Jeg har slitt MYE med dårlig selvtillit og da var komplimenter faktisk litt vanskelig å ta på alvor. Jeg fortalte meg selv hvor udugelig og stygg jeg var mange ganger om dagen, og da var det vanskelig å tro på komplimenter.[]

  19. o único lado que não reclama de lucrso é o Bernie que sempre achou gente que pagasse seus exorbitantes preços. Se futuramente não achará mais, ele que trate de se reinvetar se isso ainda for possível pra ele.

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  21. . I enjoyed reading your blog entries. It is always a challenge to try to recognize the voice of God, but I believe His Will is in His Word. All we have to do is read the Bible and His voice is clear. I also like your use of images. Blessings upon your ministry!

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