No es poden comptar les baixades com a vendes perdudes.
No es poden fer números de baixades pirates basats en premonicions.
No es poden comptabilitzar totes les baixades a internet com a ilegals.
No es poden criminalitzar els propis clients.

Però ho fan i ho seguiran fent fins que guanyin o guanyem nosaltres.

Em vaig emprenyar força ahir que vaig sentir un pseudo-debat amb en Ricardo Galli a qui acabaven insultant.

2.668 thoughts on “Menteixen

  1. The Pee-Chee was also indispensable in Jr. high as a method to obscure one of the more unfortunate aspects of male puberty. Namely the untimely and wholly inappropriate arousal that came with the slightest breeze. How rare was it to go the chalkboard without your Pee-Chee running interference?

  2. Valentinsdagen er eg nok ikkje heilt med pÃ¥, men alle desse herlege, raude detaljane frÃ¥ heimen din mÃ¥tte eg berre kommentere: Ã…, for ei fryd Ã¥ sjÃ¥ pÃ¥! 🙂 Eg ELSKAR raudt, og desse skattane dine er ikkje noko unntak 🙂 Radioen er sjølvsagt til Ã¥ døy for, men eg fall òg momentant for det kule etasjefatet og dei søte skoa.Heldige du :)Klem, KristiN

  3. und Alagui 1.92m) beeindruckten. Beeindruckt war ich auch vom superschnellen Autofokus meiner neuen Canon 1D Mark III, der superschnell fokusierte und leider ebenso schnell ein neues Zielobjekt entdeckte. Es gibt

  4. RE: – The credit is based on low monthly payments. Our economy is being propped up by Fed policy to ensure those lines of credit stay open. What it has done is create the illusion that prices are rising. Most of that rise in price is speculation that has made large cash reserves.If there was a conspiracy in this we will see that cash come into the market place to buy up whatever might have value. Is credit currency? – Rate this comment: 1  2

  5. Rereading everything. I also find myself re-reading the whole manuscript every day. Geez, I wonder, isn’t there a better way? Well, no, not this time, because I can’t hold the mss in my hand and flip around, I don’t know how else to get back into the flow. In some ways, this constant rereading is good, though, because I’m polishing things every time I do this.

  6. آقا به احتمله زیاد می دونید که تکنو گادز یک آپدیت جدید داده که فقط سینگل پلیر رو به همراه dlc های مربوط به اون ساپورت می کنه…و خواهشا تمام فایل های so_survival_mp_(map name).ff و از این قبیل را برای دانلود بذارید

  7. They’ve got to offset the cost of corner-cases like this (both time and money) against the amount of time and money taken to implement systems that can cope with all edge cases, factoring in the probability of such edge cases. I suspect your problem isn’t very common 🙂

  8. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  9. Ah… Come on! C’est une courte nouvelle! Donc inventée. Mais on s’en fout! Tu trouves la fille romantique de se faire enculer par un inconnu alors que son chum l’attend au resto? C’est ça le point! Pis laisse faire le fait réel pis les statistiques, c’est tellement évident!

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