Autobús lliure


Autobús vist pel Quim Perelló al barri de Les Corts, Barcelona.

Segur, lliure i gratuït, què més vols?

2.485 thoughts on “Autobús lliure

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  2. Hi Millie Mirepoix – Sydney is full of great suburban gems, but Cabramatta is a favourite! The takeaway packs of food are great for easy lunches the next day and I agree, avocado shakes are the best!Hi Weekend Carnivore – London is a fantastic city for photos. I love Brick Lane, Walthamstow Market and Borough Markets of course. Sugar cane juice is very refreshing – hopefully one day you might find some in London!

  3. mmm… se porque… he escuchado lima…. y ya me ha venido a la mente un super mojito…. que seria como hubiera aprovechado yo esas limas… y por muchas que hubiera…. seguro que no habian bastantes….. XDmmmmooooooooojjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttooooooooooo…..bueno…. si te sobra un cacho….. de esa tarta tan original….. ya sabes que existe seur… mrw…..halcorier….. o correos…. jijijijiji

  4. Episodio foi bem ruim, o proximo é bom, mais sinceramente o 107 me decepcionou, ja que pela logica ele devia ser superior ao NGEPD. o no fim ele é predador natural do utopia.E existem numeros acima de 100, o gilag vai ter o 106, resta saber se o alit vai ter um.E sei nao, acho que esse Shingetsu é do mundo astral !

  5. , I love the soundtrack for this game. Just the music alone is wonderful enough to get me to buy this, especially for this stage. Has that hint of PSO style to it. My only complaint is the fact that the video is too short. Props to the dude that’s was playing for not sucking at it.

  6. Would not such a law in Seattle be unconstitutional under State law? I was under the impression that the law was written in such a way that no subordinate entity to Washington State (such as a county or municipality) was permitted to make a law more stringent than State law regarding guns.

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  10. Perfect timing! My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease yesterday (one day before her bday….what a "gift") The rest of us will be tested also but we will soon be a gluten-free family. I have a TON of research to do so this is a great start. Thanks! Maybe we will even win the prize….

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  12. Adam – Yes it’s Lifeway Campus, it was my only trip there and I had to play the tourist.Bradley – check out the There may be room to come and listen, but the even has been sold out (no more lunches or free books)


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