Després de molt anys (a mi em semblen molts anys) torno a llegir els articles d’Slashdot. Els havia deixat de llegir perquè hi havia moltes ximpleries i, tot i que encara penso que n’hi ha, ara m’adono que hi ha sobretot les notícies importants: News for Nerds, stuff that matters.

M’he adonat que totes les últimes notícies que comparteixo són de l’Slashdot. El sistema funciona amb filtres de moderadors que decideixen quines notícies passen i quines no i ara per ara diria que funciona molt bé. Això sí, els comentaris segueixen igual i segueixo sense llegir-los.

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  1. Your racism is … Your racism is just sickening dude !! It is always someone’s else that is the problem !!WTF are you doing but running your mouth there Sunshine. I did 30Yrs in the USN tell me again why you are breathing my air you friggin racist !!! Was this answer helpful?

  2. "Luonnonkosmetiikkaakin" saa halvalla kun perehtyy vaikka kirjaston kirjojen avustuksella siihen mitä kaikkea saakaan aikaiseksi esimerkiksi niillä aineksilla mitä keittiönkaapeista löytyy. 🙂

  3. Creo que todavía no. Aunque el otro día estaba viendo algo en el iPad y no me lo quiso enseñar. No era pornografía, pero probablemente era una película PG 13, le pude echar una ojeada y eran adolescentes.

  4. It’s funny that you remember more about Christy than I do. My recollection (other than my 21st birthday when I apparently voraciously and numerously told her to “fuck off”) revolves around DKNY t-shirts that cost way too much, going to that one club on Vine St. and her bloody friend Margo. I wish I could remember he last name, I would look her up on Facebook.EyeEater´s last [type] ..

  5. आप सभी से मेरा विनम्र निवेदन है कि आपस में मनभिन्नता की स्थिति न आने दें और ऐसी कोई भी बातें न हो जिससे किसी की भावना आहत हों, तुलसी का पत्ता क्या बड़ा क्या छोटा ?

  6. I’m so glad you are doing a wedding recap! The chapel you got married in is SO cool and you looked SO gorgeous. Also, I keep a “note” on my iPhone of wedding songs that I like (you know… for someday ) and I have Interlude by Shane and Shane on my list!

  7. I am so thankful that you pointed out that Morocco is not a dangerous country. My husband is from a small city an hour north of Rabat and we just spent 3 months traveling the country with out one year old. I never felt unsafe once. I appreciated that you were the only one who seemed concerned with possibly offending the Moroccan people.Beautiful pictures of your first adventure!

  8. Schalom liebe Schwester JOELA,dies ist ein sehr wichtiger Beitrag für die angespannte Situation in unserer heutigen Glaubenswelt. Vorwiegend zwar für das Christentum, das wirklich eine innere Erweckung benötigt, wie du es anklingen läßt; jedoch auch im Verhältnis zum jüdischen Glauben. Doch wie können wir die Barrieren der Dogmatik, der Theologien – ja des gesamten vergangenen Schismas seit dem jüdisch/christlichen Synkretismus aus der späten Antike überwinden?שלום אבאZeev Baranowski

  9. Not one but three retirees, on both sides of me as well as across the street.And diagonally across is the work-from-home computer guy that I brought to the range a few years back and helped get his LTC in town… Even though it's in MA, I love my town…

  10. Bien vu ! La TIPP est fixe. Elle est de 0,42 euro par litre de Diesel. Pour 1 litre de diesel à 1,40 euro à la pompe le pourcentage de TIPP est donc de 0,42/1,40*100 soit 30 % seulement et absolument pas de 80 %. La TIPP sert intégralement à l’entretien des routes, elle a remplacé les péages routiers de jadis. Par ailleurs, les carburants sont soumis à la TVA, je ne vois pas pourquoi le pain serait soumis à la TVA et pas les carburants.

  11. Currently, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. But there are many steps you can take to understand your condition and manage your symptoms. Treatment is focused on managing pain, fatigue, depression, and other symptoms common in fibromyalgia in an attempt to break the cycle of increased sensitivity to pain and decreased physical activity. Every person may respond to a different combination of treatments.

  12. Wonderful, gorgeous and sweet photos of Tory. I’m so sorry that she fell…. that would have broken my heart as well (and it kinda still does even though she’s not my girl). I know nothing about ramps, so sadly can’t be of assistance in that regard, but I have complete confidence that you will get the best one possible for Tori!!!!

  13. Información…Valora en Ponte en esta situación: has empezado a seguir a gente en Twitter y, pasado un tiempo, todavía no te han devuelto el follow. Quieres dejar de seguirles pero son muchos usuarios, por lo que dejar de seguirles te llevará muc……

  14. He’s a patriot. He’s trying to protect us.Is Harry Reid more of a patriot? He hasn’t broken any laws (well, not this week). He’s in the government actively working against us.Maybe we’re so early in the war that this proactive incident is seen as something that should be punished by law. If things continue in the direction they’re going, Maziarz will be seen as what he rightfully is–a hero in the resistance movement and we will be cheering him from our hiding places wishing there were more of him with incomprehensible motivations.

  15. De små vilde valmuer kan vokse over alt. Ang. skvalderkæl, de kan holdes ned og går til sidst ud, hvis bladene bliver knækket af et par gange i ugen (evt. under græsslåning)Vores høns spiser dem, og de små spæde blade kan bruges i salat.

  16. Então Samuel, acho que o proximo titulo da EA referente ao Need vai ser o The Run, que apareceu na E3…Quanto a falta das ferraris nos Need for Speed é uma pena mesmo… é uma questão de acertarem nos valores das licensas.. ou é bem provavel que a ferrari não quer colocar seus carros no jogo e não libera a ‘EA’ para utiliza-los… particularmente prefiro os muscle cars (camaro, mustang) mas é sempre bom guiar um cavalinho de vez em quando ^^

  17. Nää perinteiset, eli natriumglutamaatti (tästä ollaan saatu perheriitakin aikaiseksi…) ja keinotekoiset makeutusaineet.En kovin paljon onneksi joudu noita syynäämään, sillä aika vähän me ostetaan mitään valmisruokia tai puolivalmisteita jne. Pakastepizzat myönnän ainoaksi paheekseni, joista en sitä taustaa syynää – ne nyt menee silloin, kun on vaan pakko saada äkkiä jotain murua rinnan alle.

  18. , I have always had your best interest at heart, and from where I stand I think your best interest is to find a space and a place for yourself (space and place understood as “where I can feel comfortable and make a living”) in Victoria, and I’ll do whatever I can do to help you achieve that goal. Even if that means we might no longer work together the way we have so far. But you will be in a happier, more secure and more at home place. And THAT will make ME very, very happy

  19. This got me thinking of a post I read the other day on optiniche creatively titled “Make Time for Blogging with a Schedule”. While I won’t go over everything that Teli wrote in his post, I will say that it got me thinking that I need some backup posts for this blog in emergency situations so that I can have posts coming out on a regular basis.

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