Després de molt anys (a mi em semblen molts anys) torno a llegir els articles d’Slashdot. Els havia deixat de llegir perquè hi havia moltes ximpleries i, tot i que encara penso que n’hi ha, ara m’adono que hi ha sobretot les notícies importants: News for Nerds, stuff that matters.

M’he adonat que totes les últimes notícies que comparteixo són de l’Slashdot. El sistema funciona amb filtres de moderadors que decideixen quines notícies passen i quines no i ara per ara diria que funciona molt bé. Això sí, els comentaris segueixen igual i segueixo sense llegir-los.

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  1. wrong on occupy. A bunch of kids in tents is irrelevant compared to men with assault rifles.Storm Troopers and Brownshirts, later to be known the Gestapo, and even later to be known as…………….Homeland Security. What is the job of homeland security keeping us safe or destroying our rights? “Homeland” of course being taken from the paterland und ze materland.When in history have we ever refered to the USofA as the “homeland”? Only under bush 43.Not to mention the huge purchases of ammo.HUGE.

  2. Yes, if I had been on time for the Aladdin questions I think I would have gotten most of them. Michelle got there first however, showing her expertise as she’s done here too!Irons…I actually know who you’re talking about now that you mention it. I can’t remember his first name either though!

  3. Late to this blog post, but let me just add in another huge recommendation for both Marauder Gun-Runners and Broken Arrow Toys. I’ve been a customer of both, and not only are the products great, the customer service and communication are top notch.

  4. Może z logicznego punktu widzenia taka wizja wydaje siÄ™ prawdopodobna, zatem sprawy na pewno pójdÄ… w innym kierunku…Profesor nie wziaÅ‚ pod uwagÄ™ meandrów myÅ›lenia Å›wiatowej finansiery. Oni mogÄ… wbrew logice i zdrowemu rozsÄ…dkowi, jeÅ›li zechcÄ……

  5. This was a horrible thing to wake up to, it’s taken a couple hours to sink in properly. But you will certainly be missed.All of you, thanks for flying with me. I’m off to a better place now.また会う日まで。 ~.oThat bit worries me a lot. You do just mean the blog, right? Please just mean the blog…

  6. Hi Dorota! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we just think too much and when we do that we end up setting ourselves up for failure. We go through all the ‘what ifs’ and in the end, most take the safe route, which is unfortunately doing nothing. The thing is, the safe route isn’t so safe. I think it’s when we take more risks and listen to our gut that we’ll feel more alive.

  7. efPetite question pour une Mamie inculte lol : qu’est ce qu’un « snappi »? et où trouve-t-on le chanvre? , sinon, j’ai bien compris le restant lolbisous

  8. Ignacio garcia29/05/2012buenas tardes doctor, en fecha 13 de marzo de 2012 intervinieron a mi hija poniendole drenajes en los oidos, cual ha sido nuestra sorpresa que el derecho casi se puede ver entero y el izquierdo ya comienza a verse, no ha pasado ni tres meses, me gustaria saber que opinión tiene usted.GRACIAS.

  9. Edga Negalima juk jiem ten ju ciupinet,o dairesi ten daug kas,cia kai kiti stumia,kad memes tipo,patys dauguma isvis susimetytumet tokioj situacijoj,man pavyzdziui trnyra butu svarbiau pabaikt,o tokiu ir dar geresniu vaizdu porno klube pylna,juk duotis ten jiem nieks neleistu…

  10. Curioso, anche sostiene che non tutti gli iPhone 4 sono soggetti a questo difetto.L'unico video che (dal titolo) mostrerebbe un iPhone immune Engadget dice di averne due, uno difettoso e l'altro no, ma mostrano solo il video di quello difettoso.

  11. You’re right, it doesn’t make sense, there was probably some influence from the Russian Czarist next door in the 19th Century, the Bely novelPetersburg shows how events there in Iran and Russia were tied together, but neither the Quajar or even the Shah’s father and sonpromoted any of this, nor did their man Zahedi, not unlike Rashid Al Ghailani and the Golden Square in Iraq, or the Baath afterwards

  12. This is a really nice way of putting into perspective the real difference between structured and unstructured authoring. Especially, for those who believe that structured authoring is only for big organizations where content reuse and information mapping are a prerequisite. I just want to add here that considering that this is a one-time activity, the approach may change for authors after the schema is created and things have been streamlined in terms of metadata tagging and structured validations.

  13. Prem Martyn– those tofu burgers can boost a person’s Estrogen levels way high… better lay off them burgers bro…. my advice… switch to buffalo burgers… that’ll “man you up”. SEX SEX SEX SEX– you’re such a horny toad today.

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