Obama i McCain des de Barcelona

Des de divendres passat, els ciutadans estatunidencs poden votar a les eleccions presidencials des de Barcelona per internet. Sembla ser que és l’únic lloc d’ultramar on es pot fer. Mira tu què bé.

Els experts en seguretat encara en tenen molts dubtes, és clar, particularment en el potencial per a la interceció de les dades de votació mentre viatja pels oceans (via ‘secure VPN’), la seguretat dels quioscs (‘portàtils endurits’ sense disc dur i amb altres components sensitius desactivats) i la seguretat dels tres centres de dades (un d’ells és a ultramar, a Barcelona, Spain),…

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  1. Félicitation pour tes 15000 fans ! C’est toujours un plaisir de me rendre sur ton blog et de découvrir tes articles :)Pour doups , je serais prête à lui ramener des cupcakes pour chat (et c’est un truc de dingue vu la difficulté que j’ai à faire la cuisine !) associés à une multitude de câlins (et pour ca , sans me vanter hum hum , je suis la meilleure ) Encore bravo !

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  3. che nn esistano prove che possano convincerli… a meno di non portarli personalmente sulla luna… no, forse no… anche in quel caso direbbero di essere stati ipnotizzati o drogati con la scopolamina ed indotti a credere di essere sulla luna, mentre in realtà si trovavano in uno studio a cinecittà! LOLGio

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  5. what greg doesn’t want you see is that this is proof of how little unions care about the little guy. That is why he’s trying to deflect blame by claiming they would have gone under anyway.6000 cost 12,000 more to be out of work. THIS is what the dems really stand for.Reply

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  10. Rispondiamo una volta per tutte. Noi abbiamo mandato richieste di interviste a TUTTI i soggetti politici e partiti (via mail) presenti a queste primarie. Alcuni ci hanno detto che con noi non vogliono, per il momento, interloquire altri non ci hanno degnato di risposta e altri invece sono ben felici di"dialogare" con noi di TodiSpia.

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  12. Read your radical act right on the heels of a disagreement with my husband who -from Thailand – I have often (half) jokingly referred to as a fallen pagan, since he doesn’t even practice the Buddhism he grew up with. Your story and the message “With God alone agree” is simple, clear and deeply healing. Perfect message. No way to get around it. Thanks much!  |  

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