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  2. Pau,minäkin saan kommentointini välillä katoamaan, olen joskus liian hätäinen.Hyvää alkavaa viikkoa sinulle!Ullakon Aarteet,hupsista, näinkö minulle kävi, että paljastuin.Yritin olla niin salaperäistä. :)Olenkin hieman aavistellut, että syytinkiläinen = hyyryläinen?

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  4. Wow, life has thrown some avtresidy your way!!! I am sorry for the loss of your 1st wife and children’s mother and the other adversities but good for you for channelling this into something so wonderful and positive Ethikool Music!! I will share you site on my wall. Treacy xox

  5. since it is a full day event, you should put a large TV with Soshified’s own broadcast schedule.pick some one-piece (not drama) videos from Soshisubs Video and play them through the day.for example – Star Life Theatreand between the videos play their advertisement – Banana, Haha etc

  6. Canım n'mutlu sana hayatı ve düşlerini çözmüşsün… bundan sonrası bu huzurla yaÅŸamak… bu arada düşlerinin gerçekleÅŸmesi bence sadece ÅŸansına baÄŸlı olamaz bu kadar iyi yürekli olmasan ÅŸansında sana küserdi sen hakettiÄŸini yaşıyorsun canım..

  7. How about addressing this obnoxious autoplaying "next up" that blasts a loud video at top volume without your permission as soon as a video is finished?Everyone hates this new change to YouTube and I'm surprised there is no mention of it, much less an option to disable it.

  8. Nice list, Dave, but there’s one thing you’ve written about before (“Rules (of the road) are made to be broken”) that is worth mentioning again here. Being visible as a cyclist does the most good if you relax a bit and follow all the traffic laws that apply to bikes. Running a stop sign, stoplight or generally riding unpredictably isn’t just unsafe, it creates another angry motorist who will call his alderman, representative or state senator to complain about cyclists. That’s not helpful.

  9. Carina Josefine: Jeg er ogsÃ¥ veldig glad i levende lys, men har blitt dÃ¥rligere pÃ¥ Ã¥ tenne de med Ã¥rene.Den er kjempesolid! Ser ut som den er laget av tørket hud hele veien gjennom, men Nairo har ikke fÃ¥tt ha den lenge nok ennÃ¥ til at jeg har sett hva som er i midten. Men rødfargen smitter av, og det var litt dumt. Jeg fÃ¥r ta en annen farge neste gang 🙂

  10. Cigarras & Formigas.Retenho esta fábula desde a infância e juventude na Cova da Beira.Um conto que faria bem ser comentado nas escolas.Contudo, as formigas com capacidade de poupança, onde estão habitualmente?Creio que ainda poderemos encontrar algumas:Na administração do Banco de Portugal, quanto a pensões especiais de reforma;No próprio Tribunal Constitucional, idem aspas;Nos gabinetes governamentais, quando encomendaram estádios e auto estradas à resma.Somos assim.And so on.

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