Europa sense patents de programari

Avui celebren a París que Europa continua lliure de patents de programari. Ara fa dos anys que el Parlament Europeu va tirar enrera la proposta de directiva de patents de programari preparada pel Consell Europeu.

La campanya contra les patents de programari la va liderar l’FFII i més tard s’hi va afegir un conjunt d’empreses amb el nom Al nostre àmbit, la campanya de Caliu va ser la més sonada.

De tota manera, penseu que l’amenaça continua i en tornarem a sentir a parla aviat.

2.459 thoughts on “Europa sense patents de programari

  1. TMM comentou em 9 de julho de 2012 às 15:38. Uauuuuuuu!!! Arrasou! Como nos passa Woody Allen em Meia Noite em Paris… nós não precisamos de pessoas que não nos acrescentam nada! Por isso, essas meninas deveriam parar de achar que são infelizes pq nao tem um bolsa Hermés para poder achar que é it girls…

  2. I must be one of the exceptions but I was never allowed to watch cartoons or anything violent when I was growing up. I really don’t like to see violence vicariously or not. However, the violence seeps into so many of the blockbusters. It’s really a shame. Thank you for your astute insight into our culture bred on brute force.

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  4. Russian is half Moslem already population wise, and Putin took Russia into the OIC which is todays Caliphate, of 52 or 53 members. Russia is an hononorary member now, after trying to join, and did make it clear when it was accepted that it wanted to work with Muslim countries. Obambi is leading the USA there too.

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