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A la llista de l’FSFE-ca parlem de donar impuls al planeta.lliure.cat que ha muntat en Carles Mateu
Per tal de fer-ho, aquells que tenim blogs sobre programari lliure hi hem d’adherir els nostres fils. Com que jo fins ara no tenia etiquetes al blog, no em semblava bé de posar-lo en un lloc per a parlar de programari lliure quan moltes vegades escric sobre altres coses com el fum de tabac o el Taiji. Les etiquetes serveixen per a separar unes coses de les altres, així com per a organitzar-se més bé.
Ara, el servei Blogger al qual estic subscrit, sobretot perquè és còmode i gratis, tot i que no lliure, hi han posat les etiquetes, però no ha estat fàcil de trobar a les seves intruccions i he hagut de cercar un altre lloc on expliquen com fer-ho.

Segueixen un esquema com aquest:

http://beta.blogger.com/feeds/identificació/posts/full (o summary)/-/etiqueta

Identificació vol dir el número del teu blog.
Full o summary és per si vols que apareguin les entrades senceres o parcials.
Etiqueta és el nom de l’etiqueta a la que vols fer el feed.

En el meu cas, que vull el feed per a les entrades etiquetades com a “programari”:


2.567 thoughts on “Feeds d’etiquetes al Blogger

  1. Here’s exactly what’s wrong with CNN: when people turn on the news – they expect news – not political propaganda written directly by the Democrat party.We like to see truth and then perhaps a balanced discussion from both sides but certainly NOT Soledad O’Brien’s butt kissing, in the tank, all over Owebama.We agree that when a disaster happens, CNN always has the best coverage – however, we fore go most of it due to their political slant including “blame the Tea Party and then check facts” motto.

  2. has anyone else noticed since the last 3 weeks or so youtube videos load incredibly slow! (sometimes they dont at all). its not my internet, I have tried playing the same videos with internet explorer with no problem.

  3. Como consigo os cds novos??? Adorei os antigos, são ótimos! Muito melhor que muita coisa que tem por ai na net e q se diz bom! São d+ os remix! ONDE CONSIGO??

  4. “-It’s July, it’s mango season, eat your 500 pounds this month or die trying.” heh I found that amusing. Thanks Lorelei!I don’t mind the locavoring thing so much..Great concept. However since we’re also talking about the economy…and hiring people…Why don’t we all just start trading back in the day…Pick my veggies…and you can have some…Somehow I don’t think we’re ever go back to that.*shrugs*

  5. Awww, so glad you kept Peanut!I really hope everything goes well so that he stays with you ;)What I love the most about having my two little dogs is that they give me so much love and trust without asking anything in return – unlike some recalled "friends"…

  6. There was an article in the YEP the other day stating that most people generally support the use of CCTV and ANPR cameras. I don’t believe its accurate that there are quite so many CCTV cameras, politicians making wild claims is nothing new. What is the alternative to all this CCTV, many miscarriages of justice and unsolved crime?And Outwood Grange is one of the countries top schools, according to Ed Balls, so they must be getting most things right.

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