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He llegit un article a la revista anglesa New Scientist sobre l’hiperespai, i sobre com, sobre el paper, es podria construir una nau que, usant altres dimensions i les propietats que hi ha en elles, com l’anti-gravetat, podria sortir del planeta i viatjar a velocitats superiors a la de la llum. Es faria amb una tremenda quantitat d’energia electromagnètica. De fet, només per a aixecar-se necessitaria 500 000 vegades més energia que la del camp magnètic terrestre. La idea prové del Sr. Burkhard Heim, un alemany que, als anys 50 va formular un teorema en aquesta direcció. Hi ha qui diu que aquest teorema unifica la teoria quàntica amb la teoria de la relativitat. Fins i tot en Von Braun, el famós enginyer alemany que es van emportar els americans per a començar la cursa espacial, va preguntar-li si valia la pena continuar la investigació en coets.
Si la teoria és correcta, es podria arribar a Mart en 5 hores, per comptes dels 6 mesos que es triguen actualment, i les estrelles més properes estarien a l’abast.
A Nou Mèxic hi ha un laboratori que diu que podria estudiar fer un assaig per a corroborar la teoria. Ja veurem. La idea del camp electromagnètic per a entrar a d’altres dimensions sembla treta de la novel·la de Carl Sagan Contact (també s’hi va fer una pel·lícula) i els viatges a través del subespai de la saga Star Trek, però la teoria és anterior a les obres de ficció.
Aquí hi ha la primera pàgina en pdf de l’assaig de Walter Dröscher (et fan pagar 25$ per l’assaig sencer).

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  1. tracey · Hi Hila – Oh, you’re absolutely going to love ‘Spaces’ … have you managed to pick up a copy for yourself yet? I was surprised that such a huge volume was so reasonably priced (22.95).Thanks for reminding me to enter your blog giveaway … I’ve been keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for good luck!

  2. Busy is your second name Di!!!! Are you sure you don't live on five acres? More produce that would feed a small Africian nation! And the cushion….sigh! So fresh, clean and pretty! Lucky recipient indeed!

  3. I know–just so many choices! Jena, no I have never been to Cuba or Hawaii. Sadly, haven’t really traveled much in large part because I am deathly afraid of flying! Hence, why i am taking my blog on a trip instead:)

  4. Dave Turner is great. Who else explains their line-up in such detail without missing a beat. He knows what he is doing and understands angles and suspension. The Burner is a bike I have always wanted. Nice to see a 650B. It will be my next bike. Keep up the good work Dave. I like your attitude and passion. Ride on.

  5. For the key reason why they will attempt to maintain pretty much anything beneath the carpet that is how this chief executive is if really you desire to phone him a chief executive I individually have other names for him. Like loser.

  6. Maria Carrillo – Breathtaking! These photos absolutely captured the essence of the special moment! I love each and every single one of them!! Congratulations my dear WEI friend. Wishing you and Tyler endless happiness! ~~ LOVE, Maria ~~

  7. Thanks! I knew a guy in high school and he was obsessed with CK Obsession and he showered with the gel, used the body lotion, deodorant and sprayed the heck out of himself with the cologne every morning. I swear, when you would go near him, it’d make your eyes water. LOL!

  8. I love your Weekend Bloggy Reading party! There are so many great ideas and such talented bloggers. I especially loved your post about the nice side of blogging… I can't wait till my little one is old enough for Barbie and American Girl dolls!

  9. My favorite argogant chase story of the week was their is a rule that internal audit departments should have an external reveiw or a peer reveiw every five years. Chase tried to file for an exemption as they have no peers. The have so much better controls than everyone one else a peer review or big four review would serve no purpose.

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  11. I think a monthly Prof v Prof debate in Kramer 1 would be fantastic. Pick a controversial topic, lay out your views and ready, set, GO!Especially one with Fagan, de Vos and Calland. I would actually pay money to see such a spectacle. Oh and throw in a touch of Burchell, and the reasonable man.P.s I back Pierre in his argument.

  12. Vi har den samme smag i brudekjoler! De er simpelthen så flotte dem du har valgt frem. Jeg er især vild med de to nederst til højre. Deres form er helt perfekt og så skuller der være blonder på dem. Lidt vintage-agtigte brudekjoler er jeg vild med Det bliver spændende at se hvordan din kommer til at se ud! Du bliver en smuk brud

  13. I like #1 the best. your music is great but #1 was more you. I also think your voice is more prominenent. All of your music is wonderful but in this case you asked for my opinion and I believe #1 is the best. Keep it up you are great Sweetie!

  14. Holly, I’ve had you on my mind and heart this week since it was Father’s Day on Sunday. I wanted to reread this beautiful tribute about your Daddy. It is so amazing how God orchestrated so many amazing moments for your father to be with those he loved so dearly. I was always impressed with your deep love and respect for your father and especially your heavenly Father. I am praying you are well and carry these sweet memories through all your days. I love you!Melody Sutherland

  15. I have been waiting to hear someone say if hte movie was good or not……I have been seeing the commercials and wanting to think it would be good, but not feeling very convinced. Now I feel intrigued as to who is in that hot scene…..I guess I will have to go see it now!

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