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  1. What a great giveaway! The books look awesome. We’re really thankful for GLAAD this year. My partner is transgendered, and we had a lot of problems with her work this year. GLAAD partnered us up with a local lawyer, who helped up with a lot of support (and paperwork!) Our GLAAD rep still checks in on us from time to time (on weekends, when he’s not in the office!), just to make sure things are still going ok. We have so much to thank them for.

  2. Hola otra vez!Animo… Tu aventura sirve de inspiración en momentos complicados…Quería preguntarte por qué te has pasado a dailymotion… Con Youtube sería más fácil verte desde cualquier cacharro…Te leo desde muchas pantallas, pero los vídeos los veo solo desde aquellas cuyas tripas se entienden con flash…Tu voto: 0  0

  3. I’m 39 and been partially impotent for 15 years. I drank heavily for 4 of the past fridays – not any other days. Last time I drank was 11 days ago. I couldn’t get erect 7 days after my last drink. Even though alcohol leaves the body after 3 days, I did get erect during the week. Do you think alcohol is the culprit of my current condition or is this mental? Is this just temporary and will I return to normal? Please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Ich bleibe bei meiner Meinung – und du auch. Das ist ok so. Aber weiter Sätze von mir hätten nun keinen Mehrwert meher für den Leser oder die Leserin her. Jeder kann sich selbst seine Meinung bilden.LgRunningWilli

  5. Hi I bought the Biodisc led light from you, I am wondering how long should I shine the line from it (150 Lumen) onto the food in order to energize it or remove negative microwave effect from it. Also will the taste be changed? noticeable?

  6. çà me fait penser au deug en 2 ans puis en 3 ansçà me fait penser aux emplois jeunesçà le fait penser que l’on se fout de la gueule des Jeunes depuis que mai 68 a tué le Père…

  7. dereliction on my part has contributed to Obama's continued usurpation? How so? You claim to have been diligently supplying ORYR with pertinent info for quite some time, and yet you remain anonymous. Why?Moreover, how does your contribution, whatever form it may have taken, put you in a position to make ill tempered demands on ORYR?

  8. I had this error:“An error has occurred (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘split’ of undefined). We have been notified, please restart your application”I fixed it by clicking my name, clicking logout, and then logging back in.For the devs, I’m using debian squeeze with backports and things are working perfectly.

  9. Much as I like this thing, I wish the Electric Bike people would follow Craig Vetter and put some effort into aerodynamics. This same powertrain in a fully streamlined recumbent would go 50% faster or 100% further.Note here: The E-Tracer (electric Ecomobile) is currently leading the automotive X-Prize. It’s seriously fast and seriously economical.But then the traditional motorcycle industry is still building powered sit up and beg bicycles. And we’ve all bee conditioned to think anything else is the ghey.

  10. Sarah, jeg har fulgt din blog i ekstremt lang tid, men aldrig skrevet en kommentar før!Men, det der billeder, fortjener simpelthen en kommentar! Det er sÃ¥ skønt og kært og jeg kan slet ikke lade være med at smile, nÃ¥r jeg ser det Han er bare alt for lækker – I er bare alt for lækre!

  11. Fina, fina Elisabeth! Vi bloggläsare följer dig och vi känner så starkt med dig och för dig! Hoppas nu att levervärdena kan ta och och hålla sig lite lugna så att ni får tid, tid att vara med varandra i familjen!Kramar från Kristin

  12. borne dit :ils ouvrent trop leurs bouches en france .. si notre pays ne leur convient pas qu ils rentrent tous chez eux ;cela donnera de la place a nos jeune qui veulent travailler et on fera des economies avec tous ces assistes par notre gouvernement et en plus de cela ils nous crachent dessus ! volent ! et sont irespectueux ! he oui plus de 90% des taulards sont arabes et cela coute des milliards a ntre pays

  13. Rosane Aparecida Ariati Nunes disse:Que ideia bacana e bonita, nunca tinha visto esse jardim flutuanteé uma ótima opção pra quem gosta de jardim, e dentro de casa então que ideia maravilhosa.

  14. Hugo, não andas no liceu mas ainda te comportas como se lá andasses, e andar sempre a desistir é um bocado exagerado para quem esteve um década ausente.Relativamente ao ser fanzine, se estiveres disponível para financiar um álbum ou mini-série avisa que terei todo o gosto em fazer, até existem uns guiões feitos 😉

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  16. Gorgeous Roses!!!Just had to try it out.But I don't have any heart punches so I printed out five different heart sizes.. And made a rose. //Anna

  17. Das Synonym für Auslegware ist für mich ein Perserteppich wegen Georg Kreisler ” Der Mohikaner ist der Allerletze und der Persianer ist der Abgewetze. Es gibt Pharmatiker, Verteitiger … Aber was fürn Tiker ist ein Politker, woher kommt er und was will er von der Welt?”Meine Pflanze blüht jähr­lich und ver­siffte das Parkett. Erst die­ser Jahr hatte ich die geniale Idee Haushaltstücher aus­zu­le­gen, wenn die Blüte zu wel­ken beginnt.

  18. Dans les pays germanophones, on apporte lors d’une invitation à dîner un « Mitbringsel », des fleurs, des chocolats, une bouteille de vin ou un livre. J’aime apporter « Le discours », qui existe traduit en allemand aussi. Malheureusement je n’ai jamais fait une liste des récipiendaires et j’ai déjà apporter deux fois ce livre à la même personne !

  19. My hubby and I along with 2 other family members will be enjoying Clay at Shippensburg where I am planning a pre-concert dinner! I will also be heading to Bethlehem for a very intimate setting! Listening to Clay sing Christmas music always adds to the season!! A very special Thanksgiving and Christmas season to everyone!! Hugs…Cookie

  20. nagyon köszönöm a válaszod!:-)én is így éreztem: napi szintű nyújtás, ez rendben is van: nálam ez az edzés utáni "jutalomfalat", sosem elkapkodva, ráérősen.októbertől meg irány a terem, mivel a dvd-k jók ugyan, de meg sem közelítik az órai hangulatot, az oktató segítségét. és a relax is jobban megy, ha "élőben" irányítják.még egyszer köszi, és olvaslak tovább!Évi

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  22. Firstly, congrats on the article Gina!!!! And secondly, WOW what awesome pics! These are all super inspiring. I need to teach myself how to do that waterfall braid.. maybe a weekend project?!

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  26. It would rival Chevy Chace’s Vacation, don’t you think, Sara? Especially that part where you refused to get out of the motor home at Niagara Falls, remember? Oh, I wish I were blogging at that time. It would have been a healthy outlet instead of drinking all those vodka tonics every night. Miss you!

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  29. déc08Bouc Bonjour,Comment faire les réglages de sensibilité du Hubsan X4?La notice en anglais (pages 7,8 et 9)n’est pas assez expliciteet je n’y arrive pas :je ne parviens pas à faire clignoter« the three-point dotted line symbol start to flash » !!Merci de votre réponse

  30. “I'm saying that since they allowed the withdrawl, then the Objection Board didn't have jurisdiction to hear anything more on an objection no longer before them. That is different than a judge refusing to allow a dismissal.”So, you are saying, for example, that in a case of rape or organized crime where the victim with-draws an objection or charge due to threats and/or fear of retribution, that courts have neither jurisdiction nor legal authority to continue the case?

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